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Welcome to National Fulfillment Services

NFS is a complete fulfillment service proving a full range of solutions for distribution, customer care and order management, at an affordable price. At NFS, our vision is “to provide superior service and support to delight our clients and their customers”, and our ability to achieve that vision is why we are the premier fulfillment service in the industry. We invite you to find out more about us and how we can help you grow your business.

What We Do

NFS offers a full range of fulfillment services, from B2C and B2B distribution solutions to contact center, customer care and sophisticated order fulfillment management with complete reporting. What makes NFS unique is our ability to adapt our systems and process to meet your specific goals. Instead of a fulfillment service that executes on a “cookie cutter” approach, NFS provides a level or attention and customization unmatched in the industry. You can set yourself apart from your competition with cost effective solutions and enjoy higher consumer satisfaction, more repeat orders, less returns and better business management.

Warehousing and Distribution

NFS provides a complete suite of warehousing and distribution services to match your business requirements. NFS supplies receiving and quality control inspection of your goods, secure warehouse storage and integrated pick and pack services with the ability to use customized packaging and supplies. We also supply complete return logistic services, refurbishing, kitting and order management services.

We offer a complete spectrum of shipping methods from every major shipping carrier to allow your business to deliver packages quickly and cost effectively. The areas NFS serves include a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to:


In today’s world, expert eCommerce fulfillment services enhance the customer experience, improve loyalty and help you manage your business better. NFS provides comprehensive eCommerce solutions that include; exceptional distribution and returns management service, integration to eCommerce carts, customer care and superior reliability coupled with experienced logistics support personnel that keep your back office running smoothly.

With NFS, your business will benefit from same-day shipping, 24-hour customer support, automated email communications, real-time connectivity for tracking, and a wide range of shipping options for your customers for great service and efficiency. When you partner with NFS you’ll benefit from a management team that is customer focused with great support services and business intelligence to keep your operations streamlined and performing optimally.

Learn more about our eCommerce fulfillment services today.

Consumer Goods and Apparel

Consumer goods and catalogue-based businesses require specific disciplines for complex order management, superior distribution capabilities and attentive, experienced customer care. The NFS systems can manage thousands of SKU codes and drop ship locations while also providing the backbone of complete and courteous customer support services. Our best practices include the selection of the most cost effective shipping methods and complete integration with eCommerce carts for real-time inventory, order delivery and shipping status updates. We also offer comprehensive backorder control systems and a purchase order system that keeps you and the consumer notified of the status of every product available.

NFS provides same-day fulfillment shipping services through numerous distribution carriers to improve your bottom-line performance while maximizing the speed of transit. In addition, NFS also provides a complete suite of business intelligence reporting to help you manage inventory and supply chain, track customer service and analyze your financial activity.

View our consumer goods fulfulfillment services and apparel fulfillment service offerings today.

Nutraceuticals and Beauty Products

Nutraceuticals, vitamins, supplements, and beauty products are part of an exciting line of business that focuses on health and wellness. NFS offers a customized platform that caters to both the flexibility of customer communication and the focus of specific distribution management control and services that are specialized for the storage tracking and control of these products.

NFS provides a complete lot-tracking system to control both inventory stock and which consumers receive the lots. We are an FDA approved food distribution company with certifications from the PA department of agriculture for food handling. We also manage adverse reaction reporting in our customer care departments and strict control on return management.

With NFS, you will have a full spectrum of services from order management, inventory control, customer care and financial and operational reporting at your fingertips. Our complete suite of fulfillment services means you’ll have a partner poised to grow with you. With NFS, your business gets a comprehensive end-to-end solution that makes planning, operating and taking your company to the next level much easier.

Learn more about our nutraceuticals fulfillment services today.


It takes experience through a focused workforce and excellent management systems and personnel to effectively deliver fulfillment services to multiple sales channels. With our 50 year history of providing systems and support services, NFS is delighted to provide your business a complete integrated multichannel fulfillment service. You can sell across retail, catalog and eCommerce platforms with ease through NFS, with first class distribution services with an outstanding amount of flexibility to your needs. We’ll help build your brands through excellent day-to-day support which builds customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Our services include complete eCommerce integration, real-time inventory and order status reporting, customer care that’s available 24 hours a day, smooth returns logistics and a wide range of shipment options. With NFS, you can also utilize our complete suite of operation and financial reporting tools.

View our complete line up of multichannel fulfillment service offerings today.


Regardless of your industry, NFS provides comprehensive auto-ship solutions that can streamline your operations, give your continuity and auto shipment programs the flexibility and custom capabilities to stay relevant with your customers and illuminated so you stay ahead of future inventory needs. Our customizable order fulfillment system and financial reporting capabilities are the precise tools you need to provide your customers with an exceptional service experience. With NFS, you’ll enjoy reliable third-party logistics that will keep your customers consistently satisfied.

Check out our complete list of auto-ship fulfillment services today.

Business to Business (B2B)

NFS had a complete suite of services to enable you to sell to retailers, wholesalers and consumers on a flexible processing and distribution platform. Our team and our unique customer centric management affords you dedicated personnel that are focused on your business from coordination of Bulk and LTL shipments, complying with specialized requirements to retailers, providing traffic control services to help you obtain the best discounts and most effective shipping routes for your goods. With our robust processing and integration capabilities we can also integrate your consumer direct sales creating a complete multichannel distribution service that includes effective and responsive customer service and operational and financial intelligence on your fulfillment operations at your fingertips.

When you partner with NFS, your business and your customers will enjoy prompt and attentive customer care so you can spend your time analyzing the things your company needs to flourish. The benefits you’ll get from partnering with NFS translate into happy customers and improved peace of mind.

Learn more about our comprehensive business to business fulfillment solutions today.


When it comes to providing comprehensive logistics distribution, returns management, customer care and reporting services, no DRTV fulfillment provider can match the expertise offered by NFS. NFS can manage your back office solutions for auto ship and continuity programs with a fully PCI Level One capable system. Additionally, NFS’s suite of DRTV fulfillment services includes and in-house, fully integrated and bilingual customer service. When all of this is coupled with a diverse range of shipping options, flexible billing, and fast returns management NFS stands out as a great choice for your DRTV fulfillment needs.

With NFS as your full service logistics provider, you can benefit from complete financial processing services. We have connections with most respected telemarketing providers for fast and seamless integration. National Fulfillment Services offers you customizable, flexible fulfillment platforms ready to manage all of your distribution, processing, customer care, auto-ship and financial reporting needs.

View our complete list of DRTV fulfillment services today.

Order Management

The suite of services NFS offers encompasses every major aspects of order management and tracking of promotions through backorder management, membership and continuity programs, connectivity with eCommerce platforms or other system platforms and financial management. We are a certified Visa PCI-Level One company which strives for the most secure processing environment available. We have extensive reporting systems for marketing, operational and financial reconciliation.

Customer Care

Complementing our fulfillment service and order management capabilities is a full service contact center that provides order taking and customer service. With the ability to perform upsells and cross-sells, emails and social media inquiries, NFS provides an end-to-end solution to insure your business runs as effectively as possible.

Our in-house contact center handles a variety of orders to product specific inquiries and with our training and certification programs can offer you a capable, cost-effective and proactive approach in communicating with your customers.

A Proven History of Great Service

We started in 1965 developing fulfillment software for companies and later expanded into transaction management, customer care and complete warehousing and distribution services. We have managed some of the most complex programs in the history of direct marketing. With 50 years of history tempered by executing thousands of marketing programs for a wide variety of companies, we bring to our clients the experience and expertise to manage your fulfillment programs better than anyone. You can rely on us to provide to you the experience and consistency to allow your business the ability to thrive.

Today, our fulfillment service continues to provide steady support and innovation to a select roster of clients, each with differing needs, but one goal, to delight the customers with great service. NFS is still a family-owned business, one that takes your decision to outsource your fulfillment service seriously, without compromises and with a promise to meet your expectations and goals of your business.

The customized solutions we design and build for our clients meets their specific needs and objectives, instead of a one-size-fits-all “solution”. Our fulfillment service solutions are modular, which means you will never have to adjust your business model to match a prepackaged approach. When you’re ready to implement a customized, full-service solution for your fulfillment needs, NFS is your source for reliability and expertise.

Contact National Fulfillment Services toll-free at 1-800-NFS-1306, or fill out our contact form and learn more about our products and services that take the worry out of outsourcing.

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