Order Fulfillment

With National Fulfillment Services, you can trust that every step of your product order fulfillment is carried out with expertise.

From the moment your product reaches National Fulfillment Services, we handle your brand with professionalism and expertise, encouraging customers to remain loyal to your company for years to come. By using quick, dependable and accurate processing and shipping methods, the complete order fulfillment methods used by NFS assists in developing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The NFS warehouse can ship your product through any standard carrier and is able to group and separate packages ensuring the most rapid and effective means of delivery to your customers. We can also gift wrap items and include personalized messages along with special insert programs. NFS can perform kit assembly with pick and pack and develop unique packaging solutions for you and your product’s individual needs during the order fulfillment process.

The National Fulfillment Service’s warehouse and distribution services focus on the best ways to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction during the product order fulfillment process. We tailor unique solutions for individual brands’ customized packaging and shipping requirements. We accomplish this through a variety of cost, location, and service level metrics.

If products are returned during order fulfillment the disposition and condition of the product is entered directly to the customer’s account in order to suspend billing and provide a detailed analysis of the reason for the return. We then carefully examine the product for resale and restocking, the conditions of restock or refurbishing agreed upon with the client.

NFS will work with you every step of the way in the order fulfillment process, no matter your individual needs, to construct an order fulfillment plan that fits your company’s product’s packaging and shipping requirements. Working with National Fulfillment Services ensures satisfaction for both you and your customers.

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