Our People

Since 1965, National Fulfillment Services has been focused on one vision, “To provide superior service and support to delight our clients and their customers.”

All our employees, from account management to pickers and packers work together to fulfill this common goal. In an industry where service dictates success, we have built a team culture where every member considers themselves an extension of your brand with a daily mission of supporting your growth.

“Large Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care”

As part of the Metro Supply Chain Group, Canada’s largest privately held provider of third party logistics, National Fulfillment Services has the capability, physical size, financial strength and buying power to service even the most complex distribution projects. Today, we employ almost 200 people across five distribution centers encompassing 210,000 sq. ft. of a network spanning 6,000 employees and 12,000,000+ sq. ft. Although large, our primary focus on facilitating deep strategic relationships has been the common denominator in our customer retention. As a client, you can rest assured that your business is in the hands of a group creating brand loyalty, lowering your operating costs and delivering the best third-party logistics service available.

Our Culture

At the heart of our organization are four pillars that form the foundation of our philosophy: Our Customer, Our Team, Our Company and Our World. Each works as a guiding principle in the way we do business, driving the entire operation to do the right things, the right way every time.

For Our Customer it is about motivating behaviors that match our customers’ business imperatives of Sustainability, Quality, Continuous Improvement and the quest for Perfect Orders, all while maintaining operating safety, cost and quality of service.

Making a Difference in Our World

This is a key pillar of Our Culture and is addressed in two ways; social and environmental responsibility.

All our operations and team are encouraged to participate and support local charities, events and community projects. We ensure that the support is relevant to the local community and is personal to the team. One of our more active national initiatives has included workplace adjustments to accommodate people with specific/special needs.

Our Team also recognizes the importance of our impact on Our World. Sustainability is a core imperative at National Fulfillment Services and one that flows from our own practices to our offerings. Bio-degradable packaging, low energy technologies and recycling, including reducing landfill waste, are just a few of the initiatives we’ve introduced to help ensure that our customers’ sustainability objectives are respected through the entirety of their supply chain.

At the heart of our belief is a total life cycle approach, not just a feel-good answer i.e. using FSC approved products vs. recycled (which is the more sustainable).

The Management Team

Kathy McDevitt

General Manager

Jack Pyle

Director of Finance & Accounting

Zavia Herring

HR Manager

Taylor Callahan

Sales Director

Donna Gagliardi

Co-Director of Client Services

Tim Krueger

Director of IT Services

Len Sawyer

Senior Systems Analyst

Nick Cahyadi

Client Tech Support

Carolynn Krueger

Director of Training & Development

Teresa Casares

Contact Center Manager

Danielle McAllister

Distribution Center Manager

Mark McRae

Pick & Pack Manager

Donna Bishop

Annex Manager

LaToya Green

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Jessica Carson

Kitting & Production Manager

Joseph Swirniuk

Inventory Control Manager

Nick Popolo

Returns & Operations Analyst

Tom Carter

Receiving Manager

Zak Zarzycki

Traffic Control Manager

Terry Lesky

Operations Manager

The National Fulfillment Services Team