Company: Death Wish Coffee  

NFS has been integral to our growth.  Their flexible and reliable service allows us to deliver an amazing buying experience to our customer while keeping our fulfillment expenses at a minimum and their dedicated staff makes them ultra-easy to work with.

Company: Charleston Gardens  

For more than two years, NFS has consistently done a good job providing call center and distribution services for Charleston Gardens. When occasional problems have occurred, they move quickly to solutions.

We enjoy working with the management and staff. Our confidence in them led us–earlier this year–to contract for customer service coverage as well. To date, the work done has exceeded our expectations.

We are pleased to offer our highest recommendation.

Company: Omnigraphics Inc.  

Now that we’ve crossed the one-year mark in our relationship, I want to take the time to commend you and the hard working staff at NFS for the work you’ve done on our behalf.

The decision to contract out our customer service, order processing and fulfillment was a difficult one for us to make. Once made, we spent several anxious weeks wondering how things would work out.

You impressed me with your knowledge of the business, your desire to understand our business, and your “can do” attitude. The best thing I can say is that the staff at NFS has made good on every promise you made. Our transition was smoother than expected, and the service has been great. Any issues that have arisen have been resolved quickly and effectively.

I hope NFS is as proud of the team they’ve put together as we are to have them represent us to our customers.

Company: Wine Insiders  

Wine Insiders is a complicated club based system with intricate logic to manage order processing, custom care and shipment deliveries around the country. We moved our in-house operation to NFS a number of years ago to take advantage of their systems, call center and management capabilities coupled with their ability to connect to wine distributors throughout the country. Our experience with NFS has been great. They have provided excellent service and support and have an extremely flexible system to meet all our marketing demands on time and cost effectively. I highly recommend them.

Company: Coffee for Less  

Our experience with NFS has been excellent. They are providing the expertise through their distribution and integration services to help manage our business growth. They’ve been a great partner!

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