Amazon Drones; Reality or Publicity Stunt?

Are we ready for drones? I doubt it. But it makes a heck of a good publicity stunt to run right at the cusp of the holiday buying season in 2014. You’ve got to tip your hat to Amazon. I believe the PR stunt worked to drum up some new business and bolster the brand image, but we’ll likely never see a drone.

Now imagine an episode of duck dynasty when above the pond where the good ol’ boys are hanging out near a duck blind, a number of drones start meandering by. “Boom!”. Or maybe a Sunday summer BBQ in a suburban neighborhood, sitting outside with the family, when whining 50 feet overhead, drones start appearing. Or maybe drones go crossing though some rough part of the city carrying valuables. Or maybe the birds in the neighborhood take offense to it.

Amazon throws up an idea of drones and the public interprets this as imminent. I hardly think using drones for shipping services are in the public’s best interests. The concept of unmanned drones is negative. As is the rest of the world’s interpretation of the US involvement in drone technology. We are all losing more of our privacy every day to databases compiling thousands of attributes about us. We found that even the government is snooping on us and even before the technical achievement can be mastered the public will reject this concept.

Amazon has no real intention to go through with this but it was great PR. Score another for big brother.

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