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National Fulfillment Services Named a Top 3PL for 2017

National Fulfillment Services has been named a Top 3PL for 2017 by Multichannel Merchant (MCM.)

For the second consecutive year, National Fulfillment Services was recognized as a leading third-party logistics provider (3PL) by the editors of Multichannel Merchant (MCM.)

In 2016, Multichannel Merchant endeavored to create a list of fulfillment and logistics experts they felt comfortable recommending. The evaluation process included vetting best-in-class service providers through a multitude of criteria such as:

  • Multichannel support capabilities
  • Annual order volume
  • Number of current clients and references
  • Types of industries utilizing services
  • Technology: business intelligence, inventory forecasting, merchandising data, marketing systems
  • Recent developments (technical improvements in the past year)
  • Certifications, international reach and value-added service abilities
  • Company culture – positive work environment

“As a top 3PL fulfillment provider, we’re happy to be recognized again by Multichannel Merchant for the excellent work our team does for our clients and their customers,” said Tom Krueger, President of National Fulfillment Services.



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