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National Fulfillment Services Supports US War Veterans

National Fulfillment Services embarked on a program this summer to help raise $500,000 to deliver specialized All-Terrain chairs to US war veterans through a special program with The Independence Fund.

National Fulfillment Services, through the summer and early fall donated it’s time and efforts to The Independence Fund by distributing over 25,000 special historic prints, signed by all the living presidents of the United States. This special fundraising efforts, led by Bill ‘O’Reilly of Fox News and fulfilled by NFS has helped The Independence Fund purchase specialized All-Terrain Track Chairs to aid our disabled veterans.

These All-Terrain chairs allow the ability to do activities that were impossible before giving our severely injured veterans some of their mobility back. Having the opportunity to give back to our troops who have sacrificed so much for us has been wonderful for National Fulfillment Services. We are proud to be affiliated with the work of The Independence Fund.

The Independence Fund is an entirely 100%, all-volunteer non-profit whose Board of Directors is comprised entirely of combat veterans. Our organization’s administrative costs are less than 1% each year! That means that more than 99% of every dollar that we receive goes directly to a Veteran.

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