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NFS Completed Phase 2 Green Initiatives

Here at NFS we have made a commitment to reducing our environmental impact. In the spirit of this commitment we have been implementing our Green Initiatives, a phase based system we are using to move our company toward a smaller carbon footprint.

NFS is pleased to have completed its second phase of our Green Initiatives this June. We have partnered with PECO Energy Company to completely upgrade our warehouse with high efficiency fluorescent lights, resulting in a 45% reduction in energy usage over our previous lighting system.

The first phase of NFS’s Green Initiatives expanded our recycling system to include white paper, polyurethane, and cardboard. By recycling these materials, NFS has been able to cut our waste production in half.

These changes are part of a larger ongoing attempt by NFS to reduce our overall global effect on the environment. Each Green Initiative phase brings us one step closer to our goals.

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