Direct Fulfillment

Direct Fulfillment Services That Satisfy

Allow NFS to Ship Directly to Your Customers

Is order fulfillment taking up a disproportionate amount of your time? NFS provides exceptional direct fulfillment services, and we serve you with deep knowledge and experience. With now 50 years of doing business, NFS has seen and done it all. When you choose NFS for direct order fulfillment, you’re enlisting a trusted partner that provides reliable direct fulfillment services so you can have more time to focus on your business.

Treating Your Customers as Our Own

From the moment your customer’s order reaches us, we represent your brand with the utmost professionalism and expertise. This approach encourages customers to remain loyal to your company for years to come. By using quick, dependable and accurate processing and shipping methods, NFS helps to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Do you have special shipping needs? The NFS warehouse can ship through any standard carrier, grouping and separating packages to ensure the most rapid and effective means of delivery during direct fulfillment. We can also gift wrap items, include personalized messages, and special insert programs.

NFS can perform kit assembly and develop unique packaging solutions for all your individual needs during the direct fulfillment process. We also make sure your customer’s needs are met and your company is professionally represented through each level of fulfillment.

A Focus on Customer Satisfaction

NFS’s warehouse and distribution services are focused on maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction during all stages of the direct fulfillment process. This is accomplished through unique solutions for brand specific packaging and shipping needs. We ensure consistency through a variety of cost, location and service level metrics.

If products are returned during order fulfillment, the disposition and condition of the product is entered directly to the customer’s account. This suspends billing and provides a detailed analysis of the reason for the return. We then carefully examine the product for resale and restock based on conditions agreed upon with the client.

You shouldn’t have to deal with difficulties when you outsource. That’s why NFS takes the stress out of direct fulfillment and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. We have served companies just like yours for now 50 years, and we apply everything we’ve learned directly to the satisfaction of your customers. When you work with NFS, you can stop worrying about satisfying your customers because we’ll take care of it.

Your Partner for Direct Fulfillment

NFS will work with you every step of the way in the direct fulfillment process. No matter your individual needs, we can construct a direct fulfillment plan to fit your company’s packaging and shipping requirements. Working with NFS ensures satisfaction for both you and the consumer.

You don’t have to struggle with order fulfillment. NFS exists to help you streamline the fulfillment process, making your life easier and your customers happier. When you need direct fulfillment service and you demand the best, contact NFS to learn more about our direct fulfillment services.

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