Systems Connectivity

Systems Connectivity

Leverage the industry’s most robust order management platform to give you the connectivity, flexibility and performance to propel your business.

National Fulfillment Services has designed, deployed and managed complex transaction processing for a wide spectrum of systems ranging from ERP to eCommerce shopping carts. NFS designs, maps, builds and executes smooth streamlined integrations to manage customers and transparency in the supply chain.

Interface Design and Development

NFS has the IT staff and system capability to connect to a wide spectrum of shopping carts, ERP systems and custom designed platforms. We connect through XML, SOAP JSOL, ASCII and HTML. We can provide real-time connectivity for customer shipments, inventory transactions and complex order management. We supply consultative services to help meet your unique needs and design solutions that provide a reliable connection and effortless integration.

Order Management Capabilities

With NFS you’ll have a powerful set of system tools to help manage orders, customer care, inventory management and accounting. With a heritage in software development, NFS can handle many of the duties and responsibilities other systems can’t, providing you with the ability to bridge gaps to create an enterprise level systems solution.

NFS can manage, interface, communicate and control:

  • Inventory
  • Customer Care
  • Order Management for B2B and B2C
  • Account Receivables
  • Financial Transactions with PCI-Level One certification

When you partner with National Fulfillment Services, you’re taking an important step to improve the service level of your e-commerce enterprise. Contact us to learn more about we can help your business!

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