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Logistics Company

How the Right Logistics Company Can Benefit Your Business logistics-company-1

If your business ships products to customers, there’s nothing more important than delivering those products in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Late or misplaced merchandise gives customers an unfavorable first impression of your business, and these kinds of miscues may even make them reconsider doing business with you in the future. And in the event that a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase, failure to process the return efficiently can alienate even the most loyal of customers.

Many businesses find that running their own warehousing and fulfillment operation is not a viable option, whether due to cost, space or practical considerations. Order fulfillment can also be a complex undertaking, one that may require more of a time commitment then you are able to make.

That’s where an order fulfillment logistics company can help.

By enlisting the services of an independent logistics company, you remove the burden of warehousing and shipping while improving your bottom line in the process. NFS is your expert fulfillment logistics company. With now 50 years of experience, we are fully capable of taking on your fulfillment logistics and creating a seamless and efficient process to satisfy your customers.

Why Choose Fulfillment Logistics Services From NFS?

NFS is a logistics company that specializes in meeting the order fulfillment needs of all types of companies, including B2B, apparel, publishing and book fulfillment, catalogs/consumer goods and more. Through now five decades of service, we’ve provided innovative and effective logistical solutions, helping companies just like yours meet a wide range of customer needs. Rather than employing a one-size-fits-all approach, we work closely with you to develop a customized solution that is right for your unique business.

A Wide Range of Fulfillment Logistics Services

At NFS, the process of satisfying your customers begins well before products arrive at their doors. Our professional receiving and controlled-environment warehousing systems ensure your crucial goods are handled with the care they require. We ship using all standard carriers, and we also make use of a variety of package grouping and sorting techniques — which ensures the most efficient and cost-effective shipping results. We even offer customized packaging and gift-wrapping services, as well as kit assembly and special insert programs.

When you choose NFS for fulfillment logistics, you’ll enjoy a customized experience rather than a generic system that doesn’t meet your company’s unique needs.

Enjoy Reliable Account Management Services

Unlike with an ordinary fulfillment logistics company, you’ll receive significant ongoing support when you work with NFS. Enjoy access to your own account management team that consists of a team leader and client service representative. These individuals possess the extensive knowledge and experience needed to provide exceptional fulfillment logistics services, and their superior consulting and communication skills will make you feel confident in whatever order fulfillment methods you decide upon.

Fulfillment Logistics + E-Commerce

Online shopping has exploded in the last decade, and we understand that much of your business may be conducted via the Internet. NFS is the logistics company that is also equipped to handle your e-commerce needs. We offer connectivity to a wide variety of commodity and customized carts to ensure flawless processing and shipment of all of your online orders. As you know, the Internet never sleeps, so neither do we by offering 24/7 customer support.

Even though we have been around for 50 years, our team is always learning. Just as we developed e-commerce services for the modern business, you can rest assured knowing that our services always reflect the latest in trends and technology. We stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to.

Prompt and Efficient Handling of Returns

A logistic company should not only ship products efficiently, it also should be able to expedite the merchandise return process. NFS is a logistics company that knows how to handle customer returns in a way that minimizes any negative impact to your business’s profitability. Upon receiving the product from the customer, we carefully examine it to determine its condition. The information is then entered into the customer’s account to credit the customer and provide a detailed reason for the return. We will only restock the item for resale if its condition meets your predetermined standards.

A Logistic Company with World-Class Guarantees

When you use the services of a logistics company, you depend on it to make sure your customers receive what they ordered within the timeframe they expect to receive it. NFS is the order fulfillment logistics company that takes this responsibility seriously. That’s why we guarantee a number of important customer service levels, such as 99 percent of all orders shipped within 48 hours and 100 percent of rush orders shipped the same day.

NFS: The Logistic Company That Makes a Difference

You don’t have to let warehousing and shipping limitations prevent your business from growing and prospering. A dependable, experienced logistics company that’s committed to serving both you and your customers can help you reach your revenue, profitability and service goals. You can also gain the competitive edge you need to stay one step ahead of others in your industry. You’ll never have to worry about meeting your order fulfillment needs again.

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