Order Entry and Processing FAQs

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Does your system display item pricing and current inventory levels?

Our system displays item pricing, inventory availability, product information and tracking numbers.

Can your system handle all payment methods?

Our system supports credit cards, PayPal, checks, Bill-me, installment and “no charge” payment methods.

Do you allow for multiple “ship-to” addresses for a single bill-to-order?

We can assign mutiple “ship-to” locations to a single “bill-to” address.

Can you process customer change of address requests?

We can change ship-to and bill-to addresses.

Do you offer online access to customer order data?

The NFS portal provides access to customer order data.

Can I enter consumer and/or B2B orders into your system?

Our online portal allows for consumer and B2B order entry.

Can orders be modified or cancelled before they ship?

We can cancel a backorder or reserve order at any time. Prior to the picking process, we can modify or cancel orders.

Can customers enter special comments?

Customers can enter gift messages, promotional codes and special comments according to your specifications.

Can gifts/discounts be added to an order?

NFS can automatically release additional product(s) based on a source code or total dollar requirement. At the customer’s request, we can insert a free gift into each order.

Do you conduct any fraud review?

Order holds can take place from credit index files, internal fraud tables, and value (amounts) on checks. We have the ability to use both check clearing and bad debt clearing systems.

Can you process foreign orders?

Yes, National Fulfillment Services can process and ship foreign orders.

Do you include packing slips with an order?

Every order can include a duplex (double-sided) printed, customizable packing slip.  We print your logos and can print customized promotional messages.

Can auto-ship/continuity orders be delayed or placed on hold until a specified date?

We can place an auto-ship or continuity order on hold until a specified date.  This is useful for customers leaving on vacation, or who have accumulated too much product.

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