Amazon FBA Prep Services

Amazon FBA Prep Services

Grow your sales through Amazon while minimizing chargebacks with National Fulfillment Services full range of FBA preparation services.

Navigating Amazon FBA requirements can be daunting. Improve your performance ratings, maintain seller status, satisfy customers and eliminate penalty charges by leveraging National Fulfillment Services cost effective Amazon services. We will consistently meet deadlines, maintain operational performance and seamlessly integrate with your Amazon Seller Account.

Shipment Preparation Services

NFS offers you the ability to ship product directly to an Amazon warehouse. We connect to Amazon’s system, manage the orders and prepare your products for shipment in compliance with FBA preparation and shipping guidelines. NFS has consistently maintained an “excellent” operational performance rating. We take away the headaches associated with compliance, so you can focus on growing your business through Amazon.

Amazon FBA Prep Services
Quality Control

From individual item inspection to case counts, our team will ensure that your products are e-commerce ready.

FNSKU Labeling

Avoid unplanned service fees, wasted time and Amazon’s expensive per-item fee by having NFS create and attach compliant labels.

Polybagging and Shrink Wrapping

If your product requires additional protection, NFS will provide appropriately sized 1.5+ mil thick polybags and shrink wrap with X00- or ASIN-labels.

Drop Tested Bubble Wrapping

We protect your fragile items by individually wrapping each unit to prevent snagging, damage or breakage. Before shipping, NFS will 3-foot drop test several units to ensure your products are completely secured.

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