Custom Fulfillment

Custom Fulfillment Services

You’re not like all the rest. Standing apart from the crowd and owning the brand distinguishes your business. Service and value gives you the competitive edge you need… 

National Fulfillment Services understands this and designs, implements and manages a range of custom fulfillment services to enable you to build brand loyalty and value by delivering the essential services to grow and prosper.

Most fulfillment services are a bland arrangement of basic functions that do the bare minimum. At NFS we deliver more, enhancing your brands characteristics and creating an environment that sets you apart by enhancing positive experiences with your customers.

A Wide Spectrum of Custom Fulfillment Services

Our complete integration services enable you to manage and process your ecommerce orders more effectively from end-to-end.

We offer:

Comprehensive Order Management

NFS offers complete order management capabilities including the ability to manage backorders, advance orders, reships, exchanges and complex transactions.

Kitting and Assembly:

NFS offers complete kitting and assembly services. We can make kits in advance or assemble goods into finished inventory. Additionally, we offer dynamic kitting where the NFS system can analyze the available component inventory and we can assemble it on-demand.  We provide custom packaging material, have the capacity to manage high volumes and follow specific instructions to make your finished kits look great!

Auto-Ship and Member Programs

National Fulfillment Services can help you manage recurring shipping programs including auto-ship, continuity, box programs, and subscription based systems.  Our company has been designing order management solutions custom tailored to our clients’ needs for over 50 years. As a result, we’ll deliver a complete turnkey package with order management systems, technical support and customer care.

System Design and Integration

NFS is one of the only companies in the industry that brings a wide array of order management technology to help your business.

Customized Packaging Solutions

Your brand image makes you unique and National Fulfillment Services works with you to design, develop and implement great looking cost-effective packaging. Consequently, you’ll stand out from the crowd and make a statement with customized packaging for every order.

Smart Packing Slip Technology

Different from other 3Pls, NFS offers smart packing slips with order-attribute triggered special customized images and message. Go beyond bland packing slips, and build your brand by communicating custom messages tailored to your consumer. You can leverage this powerful feature for special promotions, discounts on sale merchandise or simply expressing love and appreciation for your customer. As a result, you’ll drive additional sales, connect with your customers in deeper way and foster brand loyalty.

Shared and Dedicated Customer Service Support

Learning your business and brand is essential for great service. Our training and development department develops, implements and monitors agent training programs to provide superior service and support to your customers. We analyze your call volumes to determine whether you’ll benefit more from dedicated support personnel or shared agents. Regardless of agent status, you’ll always have an informed and dedicated customer service team acting on your best behalf.

Find out how NFS can help you grow your business, increase sales and give you the edge to build your brand and brand experience with your customers. Contact us today to learn about our custom fulfillment services!

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