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Grow your business with robust integration and order management that handles the rigors of B2C, B2B and multichannel fulfillment.

Processing Power – Built for Propelling Business

With over 50 years’ experience in complex consumer and retail transaction processing you get proven capabilities to run your business smoothly and effectively.

Throughout our history we have designed, deployed and managed complex order management fulfillment solutions. We have utilized a wide array of solutions for customer management, supply chain integration and cash management. NFS can give you the processing power to propel your business.
Your company needs the flexibility to meet market challenges and a team behind you supporting your mission and vision. We are “The Engine behind the Order.” ™

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eCommerce Fulfillment

NFS has the technical capacity to manage complete ecommerce fulfillment handling orders, distribution and customer care. We connect to many cart-based systems and can connect to multiple channels simultaneously providing a single source for order management and inventory control.

Managing orders can become a complex operation. Backorders, preorders, quarantined stock, permanently out of stock or temporarily out of stock items and product shelf life must be managed properly to ensure smooth running operations. NFS manages the complexity of consumer direct fulfillment with unparalleled flexibility.

Retailer and Wholesaler B2B Fulfillment

NFS can cater to a full range of wholesale and B2B retail fulfillment services to create a complete integrated turnkey service for your business. Our team is experienced in labeling, repackaging and coordinating transit according to retailers’ inbound EDI standards and routing guides. Companies can leverage our experience in shipping bulk palletized, LTL, FTL and by case orders to both distribution centers and brick and mortar locations.

EDI Capabilities

With an SPS commerce integration, NFS can support EDI for over 2,000 trade partners. From receipt of PO, to aligning with the specific concerns of the trade partners routing guides through the ASN (automatic ship notification) process; NFS can provide an end-to-end solution to solve your trade partner’s needs.

Multichannel Order Management

There is inherent complexity in providing integration of orders, inventory and order status information. NFS connects many of these sources to enable a centralized single inventory supply chain view coupled with complete order management, customer service and financial processing.

NFS simultaneously connects to Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, 3DCart and many other cart systems. This gives you the freedom to market your products wherever you want without having to worry about connecting to each source.

E-commerce Cart and Custom Integration

Connecting our order management and distribution center to your e-commerce or ERP system accurately is a hallmark of the technologies offered by NFS. With an in-house IT department and a wealth of knowledge, NFS can help create a robust logistical processing environment connected to any cart based system.

Continuity, Auto Ship, Promotional, and Recurring Billing Programs

National Fulfillment Services can help you manage recurring shipping programs including auto-ship, continuity, box programs and subscription based systems. Our company has been designing continuity order management solutions custom tailored to our clients’ needs for over 50 years. NFS can deliver the systems, support and the customer care for a complete turn-key package.

Warehouse Management

NFS provides security and accuracy in the products it stores on your behalf.  From the moment your products reach our docks your business is in expert hands. We inspect the incoming products, store them in secure locations and manage the inventory through a completely barcoded inventory control system.  We use first-in first out methodologies for picking and employ lot and expiration control systems for cosmetics, supplements and food. Data regarding the status of your inventory is available in real-time through inventory management reporting which covers balance on hand, inventory valuation, cost of goods sold, expire and lot-control for food and supplement products.  We store your products in a modern fulfillment facility built to ensure safety and security of your items. You can rest assured that your products are in expert hands.

Returns Management

NFS offers a full-service returns fulfillment service.  We inspect products, segregate damages and return to vendors or recycle or refurbish back into active stock if undamaged.  We also manage reships, exchanges or credits back to the customer.

Returned products are examined and the disposition and condition can be entered directly against the customer’s account to suspend billing and provide detailed analysis of return reasons. Products are then examined for resale and restocking. The conditions for restocking are all set in conjunction with the client.

Inventory Supply Chain Integration3rd-party-logistics

Your business requires smooth integration transparency through the supply chain and integration capabilities that give you the flexibility to meet today and tomorrow’s challenges. The NFS Warehouse Management System is seamlessly integrated into our order management proving complete visibility of inventory from the moment the purchase order is entered to the receipt of goods at the warehouse.

NFS can manage not only its warehouse inventory but also inventory stored at drop ship locations across the world.  We have the ability to manage drop ship vendors, send orders, manage confirmations of orders and update inventory stock levels to provide the customer and your business the ability to see and sell.

Financial, Operational and Marketing Reporting

NFS helps make your business process transparent through a flexible set of reporting tools.  We understand your need to have critical, time accurate information available 24/7 in order to make data-driven decisions.

NFS supports dashboards, selectable on-line reports and automated delivery of critical data to ensure you are always in command of your business.

Our information systems cover a wide spectrum of business reports including:

  • Inventory Stock Levels, Forecasting
  • Purchase Order and Inventory Receipt Reporting
  • Order and Promotional Metrics
  • Fulfillment and Postage Cost Metrics
  • Return Analysis
  • Financial Reconciliations Reporting
  • Tax Liability Reporting
  • Customer Service and Contact Center Metrics

We can also produce customized reporting for specialized order management applications including Continuity and Auto-ship Attrition and Retention Analysis, billing and payment analysis.

Communications to Customers

National Fulfillment Services helps communicate with your customers through targeted emails, real time data services and paper based communications to ensure complete satisfaction.

PCI Level One Compliance

NFS meets the highest level of PCI Level One compliance for the security of credit card and sensitive information. NFS has engaged Security Metrics, a PCI auditing firm to audit our operations and systems and validate our security principles and methods based on the CISP standards.

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