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National Fulfillment Services is a full-service B2C and B2B turnkey solution for complete fulfillment services.

We excel in handling focused solutions for contact center, order management and complete distribution.

Our spirit of accommodation and flexibility has made NFS a jewel in the industry, providing reliable service with a level of loyalty and integrity unmatched in the industry. With over 50 years experience as a family owned operation, we are not driven by outside investors eager to bring quick profits. We’re a family business that methodically does the job right each and every day.



More Innovation:

All our systems – from the call center and customer care to distribution — use proprietary software that is designed, devised, developed, engineered, tested and maintained by us to ensure your responses are processed smoothly and economically.

More Flexibility:

We design customized solutions – fulfillment programs that fit your unique needs and accomplish your objectives – rather than trying to squeeze you into a “canned” package. Because our systems are modular, they can be modified and adapted to a “one-of-a-kind” program that keeps costs in check and performs above industry standards.

More Discipline:

We deliver day-in, day-out, rock-solid support for your company, diligently and with constant grace under pressure. From our e-commerce, Continuity, Catalog and Subscription programs, NFS systems use relational marketing models where orders are not viewed as isolated events but part of a lifetime purchasing history for a consumer.

More Expertise:

Our Team Leaders/Managers are also Systems Analysts who have taken part in designing some of the most rigorous and complex systems for fulfillment tasks. Their average tenure of 15 years, thorough knowledge of the industry and wealth of experience solving real world issues means you can count on invaluable insight and useful consultation to help make well-educated decisions.

More Experience:

For over 50 years we’ve provided quality leadership to the direct response industry by becoming the fulfillment partner in all aspects of direct marketing. We currently operate a wide variety of consumer direct promotions, handling some of the most difficult and complex tasks in the industry.

Call us to discuss your specific projects and we’ll treat you as members of our family, with reliable cost-effective service and support. We look forward to hearing from you!

Full Service Fulfillment Solutions

Our full range of turn-key fulfillment services eliminates the complex
and expensive process of outsourcing to multiple suppliers.

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Our corporate history began as Gene Krueger worked as a programmer with one of the founding computer companies Sperry Univac. After gaining significant experience, Gene formed a small software consulting company designing programs for McGraw Hill, TV Guide and even the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

As his clients wanted new systems to operate independently, Gene decided to expand his services to include fulfillment systems, transaction processing and order management. To bring his idea to fruition, he bought his first mainframe, set-up an office with a team of analysts and went to work. The first clients were circulation and publishing based, and then came book clubs and products, membership programs, loyalty programs and almost everything anything any marketer in the 70’s could dream-up.

Times change, and our experience led us to providing customer care with a call center, more complex processing and data entry and then pick, pack and ship services for our clients. As challenges presented themselves, NFS expanded its service offerings. The 1980’s brought a wide variety of big players like Sears “Shop at Home”, school programs with Bantam Doubleday, BMG Music and an ever-increasing amount of transactions to process. Systems were continually upgraded, with a strong emphasis placed on supporting expanding inventories, consumer record retention and end-to-end tracking.

Today, National Fulfillment Services manages e-commerce, B2B, multichannel, Catalog and auto-ship fulfillment services for companies worldwide. We follow the proven approach of assigning a highly experienced management team consisting of a System Analyst and a Customer Service Representative to solve logistics challenges.

Over our 50+ year history we have provided support to the largest users of fulfillment services in the country. In an industry where a tarnished reputation quickly leads to corporate extinction, we have maintained our leadership by providing reliable on-time performance with the highest degree of integrity.

Today, the dedicated staff of Team Leaders, Systems Analysts, Managers, Contact Center Agents and staff still follow Gene’s initial vision…

“To provide superior service and support to delight our clients and their customers!”

Call us to discuss your specific projects and we’ll treat you as members of our family, with reliable cost-effective service and support. We look forward to hearing from you!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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