Business Intelligence and Reporting

At National Fulfillment Services we have a comprehensive suite of reporting tools to illuminate your businesses performance.

Business Intelligence – Transparent Reporting Tools

Data and reporting tools are only as valuable as the information they provide. Merchandise, finance and operations managers need concise metrics to make data-driven decisions.

NFS provides mobile and tablet optimized dashboards, online reporting tools and a variety of automated Excel exports to manage your business. We cover the entire breadth of fulfillment and order management, enabling you to effectively manage your off-site operations.

With experience over a broad range of operational, marketing and financial disciplines, National Fulfillment Services provides a complete business intelligence solution, helping you to propel your company to higher profitability through information-powered decision making.

reporting tools dashboard

Inventory Reporting And Operations

  • Inventory reporting to accurately track trends and shelf velocity
  • Automated receipts against Purchase Orders for complete visibility into the supply chain
  • Vendor performance information
  • Key performance Indicators for fulfillment operations
  • Shipping evaluations by speed and cost of transit

Marketing And Services

  • Source and promotional metrics reporting for response rate and purchase data
  • Sales by product and product classification
  • Return analysis by product, condition and reason
  • Daily tabulations of sales by channel and average purchase amounts
  • Customer service statistics on inquiries


  • Summary transaction register of all general ledger accounts
  • Credit card and cash reconciliation
  • Account receivable trial balance and aging reporting
  • Sales tax liability reports
  • Fiscal calendar based financial reporting


With daily automated Excel spreadsheets, dashboard technology and web accessible Crystal Reporting, NFS provides reporting tools for full operational transparency. Contact us today for a clearer future for your business.

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