NFS combines best-in-breed technology with a hardware and software infrastructure to ensure uptime, mitigate risks and extend processing capabilities for our clients.


For over 50 years, NFS has been designing and implementing direct response fulfillment systems. Our approach has been to remain as flexible as possible to meet the changing needs of our client base and to expand the services offered to meet the future needs of our customers. In today’s complex processing environment, NFS combines remote connectivity with our robust order management software, blending real-time XML connectivity for orders, transactions, customer service and consumer self-management with a powerful feature-based order processing system.

NFS is fully integrated with full visual capability of warehouse receipts and balances, instant access to web orders placed and full visibility on all transactions for contact center agents in a complete comprehensive integrated view.

NFS has developed a financial reconciliation package that enables quick comprehensive auditing of all financial, sales tax and general ledger activity. Flexibility in offers, price tests and even services provided can be custom tailored for different customers depending upon your criteria. Our systems drive all services from source keys and promotion codes which identify price, postage and handling, premium services offered, payment options and other operations criteria. This gives clients the opportunity to test services, price test and track the results of different marketing mix approaches.