National Fulfillment Services is a leading multichannel logistics company for collectibles.

No other company can match the flexibility in designing customized programs to deliver collectibles to your customers at the right time.

NFS delivers the entire turnkey package for hobby and collectibles fulfillment. When integration of systems and customer care is critical, National Fulfillment Services is the obvious choice. With the ability to manage thousands of SKUs, drop ship locations and XML eCommerce integration to flexible order processing systems and courteous, knowledgeable call center support; NFS is the ideal company to handle your needs.

NFS Has the Proven Ability to Manage:

  • NFS uses best-way shipping methods to reduce costs and speed transit to customers
  • Complete eCommerce XML-based integration for real-time order delivery, inventory status, gift certificates, order status and customer support
  • Advanced backorder logic can reserve orders so you can ship complete orders
  • Sophisticated auto-ship and continuity programs to enhance future sales
  • Business intelligence information to quickly ascertain inventory levels, orders, sales and return data and track complete financial activity
  • Order status servers and confirmation systems give consumers the ability to trace and track orders on-line
  • Ability to handle an unlimited number of drop ship locations
  • A 24/7 contact center with complete customer service support from expertly trained agents

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