Skincare and Cosmetics Fulfillment

With over 50 years of experience, National Fulfillment Services offers a full range of specialized skincare and cosmetics fulfillment services to manage your business.

NFS provides the support and customization to ensure every customer’s order arrives quickly and in perfect condition. With millions of beauty product shipments a year, National Fulfillment Services offers the most expertise, innovation and reliability in the industry.

Complete Order Management

Order management is a complex operation. Backorders, preorders, quarantined stock, permanently out-of-stock or temporarily out of stock items, product expiration dates and lot controls must be managed properly to ensure smooth running operations. At NFS, we understand that complexity and respond with expert order management systems and warehouse management systems to give you the control and flexibility to manage your business.

Multi-Channel Connectivity

Connecting our order management and distribution center to e-commerce carts, ERP systems and services like Amazon and Ebay is a hallmark of the technologies offered by NFS.  With an in-house IT department and a wealth of knowledge, NFS creates a multi-channel logistical processing environment with a single source of inventory that is audited and controlled.

Best-Way Shipping

National Fulfillment Services has a comprehensive range of shipping options to achieve the optimum balance of speed and cost efficiency.  Finding the best way to ship your package is not merely about the weight and delivery time-frame. NFS performs complete analytics of order properties including the destination location and physical characteristics to choose the best way to ship to ensure on time arrival at the lowest cost.

We are a certified USPS shipping company, and also offer FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post, DHL, Asendia and LTL freight options through a variety of carriers.

FDA and PA Department of Agriculture Registered

National Fulfillment Services is registered with the FDA and PA Department of Agriculture. We follow FDA Standard Operating Procedures, which includes stringent FIFO and FEFO order dispatch, immaculate record management, employee training, and documented quality control measures. We ensure proper storage and handling of beauty products during cosmetics fulfillment.

Conditioned Storage

NFS provides warehousing and distribution in both ambient and temperature controlled areas ranging from 55° – 72° for the protection of natural skincare and heat sensitive beauty cosmetics. Coupled with a first-in first-out (FIFO) shipment methodology, we will keep your product rotating properly and ensure your consumers receive fresh merchandise in optimal condition.

Lot Code and Expiration Date Tracking

NFS can manage your inventory using lot control systems. Our system can maintain multiple lots of the same product, release orders for a particular product in a FIFO sequence and manage expiration dates. We can support, on each product sent to a consumer, the specific lots purchased. Should we need to identify what consumers have received a specific lot of product, we can easily select the consumers for notification.

Kitting and Assembly

Brilliant visual presentations can set you apart from the competition. We have the ability to kit and assemble to your customized specifications to help you enhance your brand, encourage future purchases and receive the highest return on investment with your customers.

Flexible Printing 

Using high-speed, duplex cut-sheet printing technology, NFS can create customized invoices, packing slips and ship notices on the fly, in a variety of sizes and dimensions to maximize your marketing message and increase customer loyalty and brand objectives.

Expert Account Management for Cosmetics Fulfillment

Your company will be assigned to an proactive management team consisting of a Team Leader and a Client Service Representative to help chart a clear and concise course by supplying the insight, advice and management to help achieve your business goals.

Real-time Business Intelligence

Inventory Levels, min-max and reorder, receipt against purchase orders, open purchase orders, open shipments and KPI metrics are all part of managing a successful operation. NFS provides you with the insight to manage your off-site operations, with timely reporting delivered through real-time online dashboard technology and daily reporting extracts.

NFS offers a wide range of skincare and cosmetics fulfillment services. With a perfect combination of reliability, innovation and service, NFS will help propel your beauty business into the future! 

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