Lot Control And Specialized

National Fulfillment Services meets the specific needs of supplement, beauty and food companies with a robust processing, customer care and distribution platform. Create a flexible, customizable turnkey solution to build your brand, foster loyalty and help you achieve your business goals.

National Fulfillment Services provides a complete end-to-end, efficient and flexible platform for supplement, beauty and non-perishable food companies. Through our flexible order management platform, customization and expertise in the industry, we offer you superior distribution services for your e-commerce, continuity/auto-ship and subscription box applications. Your customers will appreciate the swift service, accurate picking and reliable delivery while you enjoy the stability, integrity and experience National Fulfillment Services offers.

Lot Code and Expiration Date Tracking Services

NFS can manage your FDA regulated or controlled goods using lot control systems. Our system can maintain multiple lots of the same product, release orders for a product in a FIFO or FEFO sequence and manage expiration dates. We can track the specific lots purchased for each product sent to a consumer or retailer. Should we need to identify which customers have received a specific lot of product, we can easily select the consumers for notification and have procedures in place in the event of a recall.

Conditioned Storage

NFS provides warehousing and distribution in both ambient and temperature-controlled areas. We offer climate-controlled areas ranging from 50-72 degrees. Coupled with a first-in first-out and first-expire first-out shipment methodology we will keep your stock rotating properly and ensure every consumer receives fresh products.

FDA Registered And Certified By The Department Of Agriculture

National Fulfillment Services is registered with the FDA and PA Department of Agriculture for food distribution. We follow FDA Standard Operating Procedures, which includes stringent FIFO and FEFO order dispatch, immaculate record management, employee training, and documented quality control measures. We ensure proper storage and handling during nutraceutical and supplement fulfillment.

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