Multichannel Fulfillment

When combining multiple sales channels simultaneously from retail to catalog and eCommerce, integration is key. NFS provides complete warehousing and distribution, order processing and financial management, operational reporting and return logistics for multi-channel companies.

National Fulfillment Services is the engine behind the order, integrating eCommerce and catalog sales with retail to create unified presence and a centralized view of inventory. With our logistic company’s proven ability to manage multiple sales channels with sales, inventory and customer data integration, NFS can help multi-channel fulfillment work the way it should, cleanly and smoothly.

NFS provides complete warehousing and distribution, order processing and financial management, operational reporting and return logistics for multi-channel companies.

EDI Capabilities For Connectivity With Retailers

NFS can support EDI for over 2,000 trade partners through SPS Commerce. From the receipt of PO to aligning with the specific concerns of the trade partners routing guides through the ASN (automatic ship notification) process, NFS can provide an end-to end solution to solve your trade partner’s needs.

Real Time E-Commerce Cart Connectivity

With our expertise in XML and API communications, we offer real time connectivity to a wide variety of shopping carts that are commodity based or proprietary designs. Our competent IT staff can easily help enhance the customer experience with real time availability to inventory stock levels, including estimated receipt of any backordered products. National Fulfillment Services offers gift certificates, order status, transaction processing for cancellations, change of address and customer care transactions for better service and reduced costs.

Seamless Integrations & Enterprise-Level Support Services

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Customized Client Based Automated Email Communication

National Fulfillment Services can tailor email correspondence on shipment confirmations, backorders, returns and other transaction events to keep your customer apprised of the status of their order.

Warehouse And Distribution With Fast 24-Hour Shipping

Day-in and day-out, NFS offers reliable on-time services to deliver products to your customers. From the receiving dock, through pick and pack, we offer complete warehouse and distribution services to maximize cost savings while providing exceptional support.

Bulk and LTL Shipments

Clients can have shipments sent to their trade clients via LTL freight, UPS 100 weight service, or standard ground methods. NFS can also prepare and bill back freight including to customer’s accounts.

Traffic Control and Shipment Preparation

NFS has dedicated resources to manage the complete trade distribution process. Our in-house Traffic Control Manager acts as a point of contact with your trade customers. They provide advance shipment notifications, confirmation of shipments and prepare each shipment according to the retailer’s routing guides.

Payment Processing, Financial Reporting and Management Systems

NFS can bill and collect open receivables on your retail accounts. Additionally, we can maintain a complete A/R aging reporting, account receivable trial balances and a financial reconciliation package. This will detail all general ledger transactions to make reconciliation and monitoring of trade financial activity simple and transparent.

Quality Control

From individual item inspection to case counts, our team will ensure that your products are e-commerce and retail ready.

24/7 Customer Service

Nothing extends customer loyalty like great service and NFS delivers. Our competent contact center, email and chat agents are trained and certified to promote your brand. With a unique ticket control system, we follow every problem quickly to resolution and report on any issues that require your attention. We are passionate about service and support and it shows through our service level and employee commitment to your business.

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Best Way Shipping To Save Time And Money

Finding the best way to ship your package is not simply about the weight and delivery timeframe. NFS does complete analytics of the order properties including; advance logic on the cost of the package, if the package was released from backorder, the destination location and physical characteristics of the shipment to choose the best way to ship to ensure on time arrival at the lowest cost.

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