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A leading supplier of continuity and autoship fulfillment services, we deliver the entire turnkey package with focused reporting and campaign flexibility. Find out how you can effectively manage continuity orders, reduce attrition rates and build your brand.

National Fulfillment Services is a leading supplier of continuity and autoship fulfillment services. No other company can match the ability to customize flexible programs to enable you to deliver to your customer’s product or services at the right time.

Spanning a wide variety of autoship, till forbid continuity and full-scale negative option clubs, we deliver the entire turnkey package with focused reporting and campaign flexibility. From Wine and Positive and Negative Option Book Clubs to a wide array of product fulfillment, NFS has a solution for you.

Some of the solutions include:

Attrition And Retention Reporting

Our systems manage, maintain and report on the life cycle of your continuity customers. As a result, you can examine program success and make data-driven business decisions.

Product Release Options And Criteria

Set logistical parameters such as pre-ordained product release sequences, specific controls of time between shipments with credit limits, product SKUs and sequence of products can maximize your profit potential and minimize risk.

Automatic Credit Card Billing

Customers can opt to receive shipments automatically charged to their credit cards having the flexibility to customize timing and quantities of products within their shipments.

Billing Statements

Billing Statements are available from 1 to 10 efforts for each Continuity Control Plan. Since Continuity Control Plans contain specific sources, testing of a specific invoice series and number of weeks between efforts can be integrated directly into the system.

Cancellation Flexibility

Cancellation parameters include; first return cancellation, total number of non-consecutive returns and number of sequential returns. Additionally, we can customize credit logic to create credit scores based on lifetime purchase and return history.

Donor / Recipient Capabilities

A donor can have an unlimited number of recipients each with different product offers for any promotion.

Customized Postage And Handling

Using the Continuity Control Plan’s logic, we can apply sequence driven postage and handling costs to each order.


Customers can offer premiums on any level of shipment either prior to payment, or upon payment.

National Fulfillment Services provides a complete suite of services tailored to your businesses auto-ship needs. Increase your bottom-line by using the best in the business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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