IT Services

Our programming department consists of four full-time analysts with support personnel in operations and networking. Our staff covers a breath of coding for API, internal WMS and OMS, data communications, banking and PCI compliance functions.

We will assign one of our analysts to your account who thoroughly understands your business and is available for consultation at any time. As a company whose heritage is in designing and implementing fulfillment systems, our spirit of accommodation and proven track record of results will service your business well.

Our core competencies include:

Integration with platforms: NFS has extensive capabilities in building integrations to other systems. We develop APIs and data interfaces to create an enterprise for your business which runs effectively according to your terms. We interface with order management systems (OMS,) credit card processing merchants, tax systems and other data sources to help leverage what you built in the past and create a pathway for the future.

Promotional development flexibility: We have the experience and the capability to support your business’ promotional concepts and translate them into technical workflows for operations. As part of our far-reaching development abilities, we can add specified bonus products to an order, flexible promotional inserts or on-packs, new programming for distribution services, upsell and cross-sells.

New process design: Many of our clients rely on National Fulfillment Services to develop and deploy custom solutions for their business. This includes the core design for order management or the creation of new and novel systems to help gain an edge in the market. Over our history we have designed, and deployed customer developed systems and processes to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Shipping service optimization: We can optimize distribution methods based on your unique paradigms to obtain the best mix of service, speed and cost. Our programmers will assess both order metrics and desired service levels to best meet your needs. In today’s world of ever increasing costs, our company remains focused on the development of new and novel solutions to exploit the last mile.

Business Intelligence

At National Fulfillment Services we have a comprehensive suite of reporting tools to illuminate your businesses performance.


NFS combines best-in-breed technology with a hardware and software infrastructure to ensure uptime, mitigate risks and extend processing capabilities for our clients.

Visa PCI Level 1 Compliance

NFS meets the highest level of PCI Level 1 compliance for the security of credit card and sensitive information.