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NFS has the technical capacity to manage complete e-commerce fulfillment handling orders, distribution and customer care.

NFS has the technical capacity to manage orders, distribution, customer care and value-added services for a seamless e-commerce fulfillment experience. We connect to many cart-based systems and multiple channels simultaneously, providing a single source for order management and inventory control.

Realtime Cart Connectivity

With our integration expertise we offer real-time connectivity to a wide variety of commodity-based or proprietary shopping carts. Our competent IT staff enhances the customer experience with real-time availability to inventory stock levels, including estimated receipt for backordered products. National Fulfillment Services offers gift certificates, order status, cancellation processing, change of address and customer service for better service at reduced costs.

Flexible Order Status and Tracking

Giving consumers self-service access to their order status is critical, and NFS delivers. We employ a tracking-based system that e-mails consumers a clickable tracking link for their order. Our real-time updates inform consumers of product delays and estimated ship time for backordered items. It’s a complete and customized solution designed to make the experience transparent and effective.

PCI Compliance

With Visa PCI Level 1 Compliance NFS offers a highly structured and controlled environment, encrypting sensitive credit card information and sheltering the encrypted data away from potential penetration by hackers. NFS utilizes specialized hardware equipment, including intrusion detection devices, robust firewalls and encrypted servers with complete certificate-based SSL security on Internet/e-commerce and contact center credit card transactions.

Multichannel Order Management

There is inherent complexity in providing integration of orders, inventory and order status information. NFS connects these sources to enable a centralized supply chain view from a single source of inventory that is coupled with complete order management, customer service and financial processing. This gives you the freedom to market your products wherever you want without having to worry about individual connections to each source.

A Robust, Fully Customizable Order Management System

The NFS warehouse management system (COPS) is a proprietary customized system, built and managed by our IT staff that seamlessly integrates with our core order processing and accounting systems. It is driven by a receipt against a purchase order system, which recognizes product receipt prior to dock entry. It has a full complement of location-based logistics for receiving, control, put-away, picking and kitting of items.

Lifetime Order History

Our system was extensively designed to allow membership, one-shot, catalog and continuity purchases to exist under one member number, keeping lifetime purchase history and other demographic statistics. This paradigm shift of viewing an order as part of a lifetime purchase history instead of an isolated event is the keystone of our relationship-based system.

On Demand Reporting

We make your business process transparent through a flexible set of reporting tools. Our on-demand technology provides real-time data, so you can make metric-driven decisions. NFS supports dashboards, selectable online reports and automated delivery of critical information to ensure you are in command of your business.


Managing e-commerce orders can become a complex operation. Backorders, preorders, quarantined stock, permanently out of stock or temporarily out of stock items and product shelf life must be managed properly to ensure smooth running operations. NFS manages the complexity of consumer direct fulfillment with unparalleled flexibility.

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