Apparel Fulfillment Services

Delight your customers with the superior service and cost-effective support NFS offers for apparel companies. Our expertise will build loyalty and enhance bottom-line performance for your brand.

Apparel and accessory companies need a full range of professional support services to handle a myriad of complex fulfillment operations. When integration of systems and customer care is critical, National Fulfillment Services is the obvious choice. With the ability to manage thousands of SKUs, drop-ship locations, XML eCommerce integration to flexible order processing systems and courteous, knowledgeable call center support; NFS is the ideal company to handle your apparel fulfillment needs.

NFS Has the Proven Ability to Manage:

  • Real-time integration for up to the minute order statuses, inventory values and sales information
  • Advanced logic on backorders so you can reserve products and ship complete orders
  • Mobile and tablet optimized dashboards, online reporting tools and a variety of automated Excel exports to manage your business.
  • Special promotions, inserts, personalization, gift certificate and gift wrapping ability
  • Custom email communications and efficient posting of activity on your sales orders to make order tracking even easier for your customers
  • Ability to handle an unlimited number of drop-ship locations
  • 24/7 customer service support with certified agents, expertly trained to represent your brand
  • Our comprehensive apparel fulfillment services include the use of our complete best-way shipping analytics to determine the fastest and most cost-effective shipping method.

With a wide range of fulfillment services tailored to apparel and accessory companies, NFS can enhance your brand, build loyalty and improve your bottom-line.

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