NFS seamlessly connects your systems with enterprise-level support services.

National Fulfillment Services provides everything you need for real-time integration with e-commerce carts, ERP and order management systems. We offer you the flexibility to choose from “plug and play” e-commerce fulfillment integrations with leading online shopping cart systems or we can develop integrations to match your unique system requirements.  Either way, the result is an enhanced online order fulfillment experience that will benefit your business and customers.

NFS is a technology driven fulfillment service with a staff of IT professionals who understand how to make your business work better.  Coupled with our technical abilities is a robust order management platform custom built to handle a wide variety of customer service, CRM, ordering, inventory management and financial accounting services. NFS is a true multi-channel fulfillment service.

You will be in capable hands meeting the current and future objectives of your customers with NFS.

A Partial List of the Carts and Systems We Integrate With:

Full Service Fulfillment Solutions

Our full range of turn-key fulfillment services eliminates the complex
and expensive process of outsourcing to multiple suppliers.

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We offer end-to-end services, so you can effectively manage and process your orders:

Warehouse And Distribution With Same Day Turnaround

When it comes to servicing your customers, order accuracy and same day turnaround is critical. Day after day, NFS offers reliable and timely e-commerce fulfillment services to deliver your products to your customers. From the receiving dock through pick and pack, NFS offers complete warehouse and distribution services to maximize cost savings and provide you the most flexible distribution solutions in the industry.

24/7 Customer Service

Nothing extends customer loyalty like great service and NFS delivers. Our knowledgeable contact center, email, and chat agents promote your brand in ways that solve the customer’s inquiries the first time. High-quality customer care like this fosters loyalty and leads to repeat buys. With a unique ticket control system, we follow every problem quickly to resolution and report on any issues that require your attention. We’re passionate about service and support and consequently show it in our high service levels.

Customized Client Based Automated Email Communication

National Fulfillment Services can tailor email correspondence for shipment confirmations, backorders, returns and other transaction events to keep your customer apprised of their order status.

Real Time XML/API Connectivity With Real Time Integration

With our integration expertise, we offer real-time connectivity to a wide variety of commodity-based or proprietary shopping carts. Our competent IT staff enhances the customer experience with real-time availability to inventory stock levels, including estimated receipt for back-ordered products. National Fulfillment Services offers gift certificates, order status, cancellation processing, change of address and customer service for better service and reduced costs.

Flexible Order Status And Tracking

Giving consumers self-service access to their order status is critical, and NFS delivers. We employ a tracking-based system that e-mails consumers a clickable USPS, UPS or FED-EX tracking link for their order. Our real-time updates inform consumers of product delays and estimated ship time for back ordered items. It’s a complete and customized solution designed to make the experience transparent and effective.

Programming And Integration Services

Every business is unique and being the best requires specialized services to outpace your competition. National Fulfillment Services can help attain your goals by providing custom integration and programming to allow consumers flexibility through specialized transitions, custom promotions, and membership loyalty programs. Our CRM systems can handle a wide variety of promotional and operational metrics. Moreover, our skilled and experienced IT staff can design custom solutions for you.

A Wide Variety Of Shipping Options For Consumers

Finding the best way to ship your package is not simply about the weight and delivery time-frame. NFS analyzes order properties like package cost, back-order release, destination location, size and weight to choose the best shipping method. Our extensive research reduces your shipping costs and delivery times.

Our clients expect excellence, and we deliver on our promises. As a business with over 50 years’ experience, we take our commitments personally and provide superior service. NFS will exceed your expectations with unparalleled support.

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