Our Industries Served

With over 50 years of extensive experience in third party logistics over a wide variety of industries, National Fulfillment Services comprehensive turnkey solutions will help your business achieve its goals.


With extensive 24/7 customer care, thorough quality control measures, a full range of packaging options and over 50 years’ experience in providing turnkey fulfillment systems, NFS helps propel your apparel and accessory business to higher profitability.

Home + Consumer Goods

With a myriad of complexities, home and consumer goods need a wide range of professional support services. NFS offers a fully integrated solution that seamlessly melds customer service with a transparent supply chain to foster repeat buys and brand loyalty. From supporting a variety of custom parcel sizes and packing them with the utmost care, to providing knowledgeable contact center assistance, we will deliver exceptional service to your home and consumer goods business.

Nutraceuticals + Supplements

National Fulfillment Services is registered with the FDA and PA Department of Agriculture to cater to the specific needs of vitamin, supplement and nutraceutical companies. We offer conditioned storage for temperature sensitive items, lot control systems, kitting, refurbishment, multi-channel distribution and a robust processing, customer care and distribution platform to build your brand, foster loyalty and help you achieve your business goals.

Food + Beverage

As an FDA and PA Department of Agriculture registered facility, NFS has the capability to cater to the unique service requirements for food and beverage fulfillment. With climate-controlled storage, expire date tracking and multi-channel distribution, National Fulfillment Services provides best-in-class service levels for consumable goods.

Cosmetics + Skincare

NFS offers a flexible platform which can adapt to the needs of consumers, with custom tailored delivery programs, strict lot control systems and end-to-end product tracking. Our experience in supporting cosmetics and skincare companies translates into a superior, harmonized and cost-effective fulfillment solution.


Subscription Boxes

Delight your customers and grow your subscription box business through National Fulfillment Services comprehensive kitting solutions. With the ability to scale production to meet your monthly demands we carefully control, manage and monitor the kitting process to ensure a consistent unboxing experience for every subscriber.


Propel your business with NFS’ decades of experience providing flexible order processing, customer care and distribution systems to DRTV businesses. Our comprehensive turnkey solutions allow you the freedom to market and grow your business.


Media Companies

With a proven history of providing catalog, eCommerce and customer service support coupled with best-way shipping analytics, direct induction to USPS processing centers and a wide variety of promotional pre-sale support, NFS is an excellent choice for your multimedia business.



NFS offers customizable programs that support auto-ship, recurring shipment and continuity models for collectible and hobby companies. Our flexible management team ensures customer satisfaction through unparalleled brand knowledge, proactive support and prompt response.

Publishing + Books

With a proven ability to manage distribution to consumers, retailers, libraries and stores, NFS provides the power you need to create a fine-tuned system customized to your business needs.


Circulation Management

For over 35 years, NFS has offered a full range of circulation management systems for paid and controlled BPA and ABC audited publications.

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