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General FAQ
  • Where are your warehouses located?
  • What are your hours?
  • Do you offer a trial period/can I place several test orders?
  • Do you have a usage minimum?
Order Entry and Processing
  • Does your system display item pricing and current inventory levels?
  • Can your system handle all payment methods?
  • Do you allow for multiple “ship-to” addresses for a single bill-to-order?
  • Can you process customer change of address requests?
  • Do you offer online access to customer order data?
  • Can I enter consumer and/or B2B orders into your system?
  • Can orders be modified or cancelled before they ship?
  • Can customers enter special comments?
  • Can gifts/discounts be added to an order?
  • Do you conduct any fraud review?
  • Can you process foreign orders?
  • Do you include packing slips with an order?
  • Can auto-ship/continuity orders be delayed or placed on hold until a specified date?
Customer Service
  • Do you offer live chat?
  • What are your customer service hours?
  • Where is your contact center located?
  • What languages do your agents speak?
  • Who trains the agents?
  • What is the difference between a dedicated and shared agent?
  • What does your social media response include?
Inventory Management
  • How often do you perform a physical inventory?
  • Are inventory levels updated as orders come in?
  • What occurs when a product is on backorder?
  • Can you pick inventory using the first-in first-out method?
Accounts Receivable
  • Can you invoice customers on my behalf?
  • Do you collect on bad debt accounts?
  • Do you provide online access to credit hold orders and display account history?
Warehousing and Shipping
  • Do you ship internationally/domestically/globally?
  • What methods do you offer for international shipments?
  • Can you fulfill orders for international companies?
  • Can you receive ocean freight containers?
  • Do you store/ship HAZMAT materials or products?
  • Do you offer shipping supplies?
  • Can I use my postage account?
  • Do you inspect products before receiving?
  • When shipping overseas, do you complete customs paperwork?
  • Do you offer conditioned and/or refrigerated storage?
  • Do you offer secured storage for high-value inventory?
  • Do you give condition reporting for returns?
  • Can I view reports by date?
  • What automated reports are available daily?
  • Are reports accessible at any time?
  • Can you handle my eBay/Amazon/etc. orders?
  • Can you fill orders for my Kickstarter/Indiegogo/etc. campaign?
  • What order induction methods do you use?
  • Do you integrate with _?
  • Will you email my customer when their order ships?
Additional Capabilities
  • Do you handle one-off projects/giveaways/promotions fulfillment or kitting and assembly jobs?
  • Do you offer consignment/customs brokerage?
  • Can you insert something into every shipped order?
  • Do you print books or offer print on demand services?
  • Do you offer cross-docking?
  • Can you bottle and/or manufacture my products?
  • Do you offer gift wrapping/bow tying/card writing?


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